A few personal details


Born 19.08.1961 in Hertfordshire, England

B.A. (Honours) German from the University of Leicester, 1983

PGCE (Secondary Languages) from Sheffield Hallam University (formerly Sheffield City Polytechnic), 1985

13 years teaching experience (German, French, IT) and as Second in/Head of Languages Department in English comprehensives

6 years experience as a software developer in Germany in various industry sectors

Staatlich geprüfter Übersetzer (State Examined Translator) for English

Öffentlich bestellter und beeidigter Urkundenübersetzer der englischen Sprache für Baden-Württemberg

(Publicly appointed and sworn document translator for English)

Regular translation of documentation, handbooks, help files, advertising materials, trade fair materials

Part-time translation of a wide variety of texts from various industry sectors